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Hi Everyone! I’m sorry about the long absence. I have been working 60-70 hours a week lately and have not had much stitching time. Since I finished Celtic Samhain, I have stitched one page of a Heaven and Earth Design and started two SAL’s. A Joan Elliott one, in which I only have the border done so far and a Frosted Pumpkins Halloween themed one.


I really love everything Autumn and Halloween themed, so could not resist signing up for this when I saw it.

If anyone is interested the SAL is still available here: http://thefrostedpumpkinstitchery.bigcartel.com/ from the Frosted Pumpkins website.


Here is my finished Part I. Part II does not come out until July 17th, so this will have to be put aside for a little bit. I am stitching it on 28 Crystal Dwarf Lugana from Picture this Plus fabrics and am using the recommended DMC floss and specialty flosses in the pattern. I cannot wait to see what turns up in the other parts of the SAL. There are four parts total. I’m hoping for a witch, ghost, werewolf and maybe a vampire if they can fit them in. I will have to wait patiently and see what is released on the 17th.

Happy Stitching Everyone!



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