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Hi Everyone!

This week has been a little hectic and real life has come before stitching time. I did manage to get a nice chunk of page 3 on Ariadne done and I am just loving her! I am putting her away tonight to get a bit more stitching in this year on my SK Blue Moon.  She is pretty confetti heavy, so I have been neglecting her and it has been months since I’ve stitched on her. I plan to bring out Celtic Samhain again this week too to give me a break from the confetti when I need it. Here is how it looks with page 3 almost done.

I am super excited because I am planning another new start and it is going to be huge! I will be doing Randall Spangler’s Trick or Treat. This is a a whopping 625 stitches by 890 stitches! I’ll be doing it on 28 count fabric, so it will be 23 inches by 32 inches when completed. I just love Autumn, Trick or treating, Halloween etc… and this chart is full of so many small delightful details. I know it will take years to stitch up, but I am looking forward to watching all the details emerge. I’m thinking about starting it on Halloween, but it depends on how many threads I already have in my thread stash. I plan to start in the lower left hand corner and work up on this one. My other HAED’s I started at the top, but found I’m more comfortable doing each page from the bottom up, so I thought starting the whole design from the bottom up would suit my stitching style for HAEDs better.

Randall Spangler's Trick or Treat chart by HAED

Randall Spangler’s Trick or Treat chart by HAED


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I have a small Celtic Samhain update. I finished the letters, so now Samhain is across the top. I have to work out the other thread and bead colors for the motifs around the letters, but at least the shading for the letters is done and I think they are centered pretty well over her head. I was worried the lettering might be too far to the right, but the h is above her hat. I can’t wait to figure out the colors I need to use to work the border and fill in her huge dress. I filled in a tiny bit of gray today, but the dark color is not working for me right now. I am packing her away for a few days to work on my HAED Ariadne chart. She has been calling to me to work on her all week, so I can’t resist her anymore. The pastels in her will be a nice change from the vivid oranges and dark grays in Samhain.


I’m also very excited about the new artist on the HAED site, Gracjana Zielinska. I love all three of the new Asian inspired designs released today. They all went straight on my wishlist!

Asian Fantasy 1 Asian Fantasy 2 Asian Fantasy 3

They can all be found here http://heavenandearthdesigns.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=160_488 So gorgeous! I think it will be hard to decide which one to get first!

Happy Stitching everyone! I’m off to drool over all the new charts on my wishlist!


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It has been a busy week here, but I did manage to get in one day of stitching. I added the H and A and started the I in Samhain, and started working down the lady’s dress. I just love how she is coming together. I enjoy stitching on her so much I find it very relaxing.


My stitching plan for her this week is to finish the letters in SAMHAIN and finish the black and purple sections going down her dress. Then I will only have the oranges in her dress and the Celtic border. I will leave the metallics and beads until the floss is all in if I can resist the glittery call of the metallic threads, lol.



I also plan to get out a HAED this week to stitch on as well. I think I am in the mood for either QS Curl Up with a Good Book or Ariadne- something bright and cheerful. We have been having rain lately and sunny, happy colors are what is called for to keep the rainy day blah’s away.


Happy Stitching!


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