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I finished page 3 of the QS Literate Dragon for the SAL, so I will definitely be ready for page 4 when it comes out at the end of this month.


Here is my Literate Dragon so far:

I’m looking forward to finishing this one. I have a feeling it will be my first HAED finish. J I want to have it completed and framed by Christmas this year. I applied for a promotion at work and just was notified on Thursday that I got it! I want a nice shiny new finish to frame up nice and hang in my office and I think this little guy will fit the bill.


I finished my page goal on Matt Stewart’s “The Gift” and started working on the next page. I started at the top and it we have a Hobbit foot sighting.

I really love how the details are coming alive in this chart. The foot looks so real. I’m continuing on with this chart this week. I’d like to finish the half page before heading on to my second page on “The Bards of Bone Plain.”


I also made some progress since my last update on my Celtic Samhain project and hope to have another update on her within the next few weeks.

Sorry for the poor lighting in this one. There was a storm when I took it, so little natural light to work with. She will definitely be done by Halloween.


I’m looking forward to finalizing the colors I will be using on the rest of my Celtic Ladies when she is done.

Happy Stitching,



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