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I got Celtic Samhain out last week and put her on my q-snaps. I worked on her a little every day and got all of the regular floss stitched in the orange part of the front of her dress. I still have the bottom hem of the dress and her shoe on the front, but I can start the metallic in the scroll work pattern. I am doing gold around the black areas (the shawl/wrap) and black light effects in the scroll work on the orange part of the dress. I can’t say I am loving working with Light Effects. It frays way more than my other metallic threads.


Here is Celtic Samhain after today’s stitching on her skirt. I’ll wait on adding the beads in that area until all the metallic is done.

I have two more spools of the gold metallic, so when I need a break from the skirt I’ll work on outlining my letters with the gold.


I’ve also been busy on my HAED stitching. I did a bit more on Opalite, but since it isn’t a page finish I’ll hold off on a picture for now. I did finish a page along the bottom of Christmas Dreams and I am really happy with how it is coming out. The bottom row is partial pages, so they are a pretty quick finish even with the confetti involved.

I will be working on my HAED SAL piece this week, The QS Literate Dragon, so I hope to finish page 2 if possible. The third page just came out today, so I am hoping that will be my motivator in getting the first two pages totally done.


I also got my bead pack for my Chatelaine Japanese Garden Mandala, so I plan to rotate between Celtic Samhain and Japanese Garden Mandala until they are finished for my non-HAED stitching.

Happy Stitching!


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We’ve had a wonderful month so far. I finally got the threads for my Chatelaine chart, Japanese Garden Mandala. I am using the DMC conversion with some variegated cotton thread substitutions for the silks used in the pattern. I just can’t afford to buy silk thread no matter how pretty it is. Maybe one day, but for now I’m happy with my cotton floss. I’ve never done a pattern with four sides going round before, so I have to remember to keep my top legs going the same way if I turn my work in my hand as I stitch. That is taking a little getting use to. I am also having to take the time to teach myself all of the specialty stitches since I don’t have much experience with anything other than straight cross stitches and the various fractional stitches sometimes needed. I am finding the Rhodes stitches to be fun.


Here is the center of my Japanese Garden Mandala so far. I am doing it on 32 count white opalescent Jobelan. I have all of the center finished except for the blue kreinik wave design along the bottom and bottom half of the sides and next to each Rhodes stitch. I am saving the beading for last, so the beads are not attached yet either. I will be working on the rock garden’s next and then the bonsai trees in the pots, or maybe I’ll do one garden then some pots etc… I’ll see what feels right when I get there.

I’m also working on the next page of Christmas Dreams. I am working on a lovely plate of Christmas Cookies this week and hope to have the small page finished in a few days. I was fortunate enough to be gifted quite a few charts for my birthday, so I need to get cracking and have some finishes. I want to dive into all my new charts, lol.

Happy Stitching!


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