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Hi everyone! My new rotation is working well. This week I worked on my Celtic Samhain conversion. I did all the floss on the top until I ran out of my gold metallic and started on the beading (around the areas that I already did the gold metallic.) I also did a little tiny bit on her dress. Next time in my rotation I should have the metallic I’ve ordered and will be able to work on her gown more. Here is where she is now!

The week leading up to Celtic Samhain I worked on my Bluebell by Nora Corbett. I lengthened her hair because she is for my youngest daughter Zoe, who has shoulder length hair. I forgot to post an updated picture of her, so here she is.

In the upcoming week I’ll be working on QS Literate Dragon and starting the March 1 Mystic Stitch SAL I promised to be part of in Jan. I just have to decide between my four Mystic Stitch patterns which one I want to start.

Happy Stitching,



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Getting Organized

It suddenly dawned on me the other day that it is the middle of February already and I haven’t gotten organized yet. I have so many patterns that I want to stitch that I spend more time deciding what to stitch than actually stitching. Well, I decided I might have over committed to some SAL’s this year (might! Roflmao!). I’ve decided to narrow my stitching focus down as much as I can to concentrate on my wips better. I’ve narrowed my immediate list down to 10. As items get finished we’ll see how it goes and add more of them into the mix. I won’t admit to how many I have started. J


Since HAED’s are my first love when it comes to stitching I have given them 3 of the 10 slots. The rest will be divided between Mirabilia, Lavender & Lace, Chatelaine, Joan Elliott, Teresa Wentzler and Miscellaneous designers.

So for the immediate future my rotation focus will be:

  1. HAED BB SAL- QS Literate Dragon
  2. HAED Ariadne
  3. HAED Frodo and Galadriel
  4. Mirabilia- Bluebell Pixie since it is for my daughter
  5. Mirabilia- Emerald Mermaid
  6. Lavender & Lace- My Celtic Samhain conversion
  7. Chatelaine- Japanese Garden Mandala (not started yet, but keeping a space open for it!)
  8. Joan Elliott- The Fairy and the Dragon
  9. Teresa Wentzler- The Guardian
  10. Miscellaneous designers- Birth Announcement (I will alternate between one for Olivia and one for Zoe since I want them to be done around the same time to avoid anyone getting her feelings hurt that the other’s is done first.)

I gave Mirabilia two slots since I have four of them started right now and want to finish up some of my older unfinished projects. If all goes as planned and I ignore my other wips I should be able to work through quite a few of them in the next few months. As I finish one by a designer I’ll add another wip of that designer if I have one. If I do not have one, then the spot will go to another wip that is needing to be finished.


I think this will help me from getting overwhelmed and hopefully allow me some new starts as I work through my unfinished pile. I also have so many beautiful patterns I’ve collected over the past 25 years I’ve been stitching that it would be a shame not to stitch more of them.


On the note of so many patterns, my wonderful husband got me The Best of Teresa Wentzler Christmas Collection for Valentine’s Day. He knows I love her work and that I wanted the Winter Carousel Horse, well really all of the carousel horses, and the only way to get the horse right now aside from eBay, which I’ve never had good luck finding one that was reasonably priced, is in the Christmas Collection. Even though I have some of the patterns in the book the charts are easier to read than my 20 year old ones, lol.


I have to say I am loving stitching The Guardian. It is slower than my other stitching due to the blended threads, fractional stitches and backstitching, but I’m finding it soothing for some reason. I have decided to switch between the border and the main part of the design since the border is so massive and full of fractional and backstitching. As each section is stitched I’ll add the backstitching. If I leave it until the end it will never get done, lol. I piled up all my Teresa Wentzler’s today and yes the three ring binder that the Christmas Collection book is on contains mostly Teresa Wentzler designs. I am so bad that I’ve been afraid to start them until recently. Here is the snippet of sky and border I’ve been working on. It doesn’t look like much yet, but it took quite awhile and there behind it is the beautiful new book my husband got me and miscellaneous other Wentzler designs. J



Happy Stitching everyone!


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Happy Wednesday everyone! I just finished up a few days of working more on QS Literate Dragon by HAED. I just love all the details that keep popping out in it. The confetti is driving me a little crazy in wanting to fill in the holes. I am slowly filling them in around the edges of his chair, lol. However, I keep moving to a color in another area and then more holes are made. Eventually they will all get their turn and be filled in.


I’ve taken him off the q-snaps for now to work on one of my other neglected SAL pieces. I’m torn between Trick or Treat or Snow Queen for this week, so we’ll see where my whimsy takes me.

Happy Stitching!

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