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Yay! I finally finished my Celtic Samhain conversion of Lavender & Lace’s Celtic Autumn. I had so much fun stitching her and choosing colors and small touches. The only part that was not any fun at all was using the black DMC Light Effects. It was a nightmare to work with. I think it had a grudge against me, lol. Anyway, I stuck with it and finished her today. In retrospect, I should have used a nice black silk there to give it a shimmer and then I wouldn’t have had to work with the metallic fraying on me. At least now I’ll never complain about my other metallic threads now. They are a breeze to use in comparison.


Here she is! Sorry about the poor lighting, but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning to take photos. After I decide on framing I’ll get a better photo.

I’m not sure which Celtic holiday I’ll do next. My husband would like me to do Yule, so that will probably be my next one. However, I think I am taking a little break before I start another lady to work on my Chatelaine Japanese Garden Mandala. J

Happy Stitching!


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