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Summer is pretty much in full swing. We had some rain early in the week from Tropical Depression Debby, but avoided any flooding. The sun is hot and we’ve been going to the pool quite a bit, so stitching has been minimal. There were two stitch-a-long’s on the HAED board last week. The themed SAL was for Fairy Day, so anything Fairy would work. I chose to work on my Opalite Fairy by Rachel Anderson. Her hair is taking shape now. I have a bunch of background left to finish the page. The fabric is actually ice blue, not white, but for some reason the camera made it look white.

The second SAL they had was the HAEDless SAL, so I chose to work on one of my 15 for the 2012 Challenge. I picked Autumn Fairy because the colors are pretty much opposite the ones in Opalite, so I stitched a little on one, then some on the other. Autumn Fairy’s pattern is split into four pages, so I finished all the stitching on the upper right hand page and started the backstitching on it. I am saving the beads for last. I then worked on her hat and a tiny bit on her wings. Once the wings are stitched I’ll finish the backstitching on the top parts. Then I’ll move down and finish her dress and the gorgeous fall leaves and apples on the bottom. I love how she is coming out.

Just for kicks, I also pulled out Middy (Mirabilia’s Midsummer Night’s Fairy) and did a bit of her dress just for a change.

Happy Stitching everyone! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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Happy Saturday everyone! Today is an overcast and gloomy looking day outside, so I pulled out Autumn Fairy to work on. She is full of lovely oranges and bright greens, so I felt it livened up the morning to stitch on her. I haven’t worked on her in ages, so I finished the upper right quadrant of the chart except for beads and backstitching. I started on the backstitching, but am alternating a strand of backstitch with a bit of color in another part of the chart, so I don’t get bored with the backstitching. I don’t want to leave it all until the end, or it might become a UFO, lol. I also finished her hat except for the backstitching. I’m thinking I will work on those gorgeous green wings next to get the upper left quadrant of the chart done except for beads. I plan to bead last because the jobelan is a bit thin and I don’t want a bead crushed under the q-snap to accidentally put a hole in my fabric.


The lighting was a bit dim due to the clouds, so the metallics are not as glittery as in real life. She is so serene looking. I am loving working on her. It is a bit hard to get use to the fractional stitches after working on HAEDs for so long, and the backstitching is not fun, but the final look once all of that is done is so brilliant and makes those areas pop. I’m looking forward to how her wings look when they are done. I did a bit of the metallic backstitching on a tiny part of the wing I have done and those colors are going to look amazing once everything is stitched. She is my favorite of the seasonal fairies and I am looking forward to doing all four of them.


I’ll be posting an update at the end of this week on Rachel Anderson’s Opalite by HAED. I am stitching on her for the Fairy Day SAL this week on the HAED bulletin board.


Happy Stitching!

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Ariadne page 2!

I did a little stitching on random wips during the week. I picked up Dance of the Winter Solstice for a few hours and did a little on Trick or Treat Fairy, but not enough to post update pictures. I kept getting pulled back to Ariadne. She has such bright happy and yet soothing colors in her that I just felt good stitching her. Today I finished page 2 on her and here she is being modeled by my lovely 7 year old.

Only 28 more pages to go, lol! I really love how it is stitching up and can’t wait to finish the top row, but I will be putting her aside for a bit to work on one of my 15. I will let the randomizer choose which one after my dental appointment in the morning. I also want to finish page 3 of Opalite before coming back to Ariadne, but we will see which siren calls to me the loudest after my 10 hours on the random pattern. J

Happy Stitching!

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The June SAL for HAED’s Ariadne chart began yesterday. It is a week long, so I hope to be able to finish the whole of page 2 this week. I did some stitching a little yesterday and then a few hours today. Here is what I have on page two so far:


The big outlined section on the right is all one color, so I’m hoping to get that filled in tomorrow and then I want to finish the little spots of light. Once those are done, the rest is just filling in the stripes for the curtains. I am mostly going one color at a time. I did use a little of one color to see how my pages lined up at the top. I want to make sure my tension is the same, so I don’t get page lines. Other than testing my page lines, this is five colors into the page. I still have to finish the color in the corner which is one of the five colors so far. I can’t wait to finish page 2, because the top of her head shows up on the next page!

Happy Stitching!

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It’s a very rainy Thursday here in Central Florida. My first grader has her last day of school tomorrow. It is hard to believe that both of my girls will be in school next year. The time sure does fly by!

So, today’s agenda is to bake cookies for her last day of school party tomorrow and stitch! I’m thinking I will stitch some more on the red Fairy in Firefly Fairies. I am thinking stitching will keep me from the temptation of testing the triple treat cookies, as the girls have named them! They want chocolate chip cookies with white chocolate and peanut butter chips added in.

So I was looking through my charts the other day to see what projects I want to do for next year’s challenge and realized I have way more charts than I can ever stitch, lol. Yet, it always seems the one I want to do next is not one I have. Isn’t it funny how that works. I’m totally in love with the new Pixie releases from Mirabilia. Cherry Blossom, Maidenhair and Tulip have all made it on to my wishlist. Nora was also hinting that this month’s release is a larger design. She also hinted at a super huge one a few months from now. I look forward to the 15th of every month to see the new Mirabilia and Nora Corbett designs, :).

I also have the urge to figure out which HAEDs I want to start next. I am torn between so many beautiful designs. I know the ones I have going should do, but I don’t buy one unless I love it and can see it hanging on my wall, so every one I have is one I want to stitch. I’ll have to put names in a hat and draw one at random. I am thinking of starting a small one. Right now I’m torn between Faces of Faery 185 Faces of Faery 185 and Faces of Faery 187 by JBG Faces of Faery 187

My third choice I am considering is the 2011 Christmas Raffle chart Heaven and Earth by CCK.I will have a hard time choosing between them when the time comes for a new start. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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I used a randomizer for the first time this week to help me choose which wip I was going to be working on. Firefly Fairies by Lavender & Lace popped up. This is my first L&L design and so far so good. If you recall in January I started this on some sky linen from Crossed Wing that I made my own bleach “starburst” on. Since it is all sky blue, I am calling it a “magic portal” instead of a starburst to account for it not looking like night time. J


Here is my progress from January:


Here she is as of yesterday. I hadn’t picked her up since January. The new camera is much closer in color to real life, so the fabric is not as bright a blue as in the previous wip photo. It is also overcast today, but I put it on the window before taking the picture to get the best light I could. Day 2 progress was a bit slower going than I expected with so few colors. This is only my second piece started on linen, the first being Christmas Flourishes, which is also a wip, so I am pretty new to stitching on linen. I think I am getting the hang of it now.

Today, day 3’s, progress. Counting around all the little design areas where the beads and metallic are going is a bit tedious, but some progress is being made. I only had a little while to stitch today. I am hoping to have almost all of the red fairy’s dress done by Friday when I plan to switch over to my HAED Ariadne wip. She is feeling a bit neglected.

I do love how the color blending is coming out in the design. I am now looking forward to stitching more L&L designs. I collected the patterns I liked years ago, so there are only 3 I don’t have that I know I want to stitch. The missing Celtic Ladies from the ones I have. I have Celtic Spring and Celtic Christmas, so I’ll have to save up for Summer, Autumn and Winter. J

Happy Stitching and fairy sparkles!

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I was a bit indecisive this weekend and couldn’t make up my mind what to stitch on. I did a little bit more on Trick or Treat Fairy and a little bit more on Emerald Fairy. Today I did some more of the confetti on SK Blue Moon. I hope to work on her some more Monday, Sundays I don’t get much stitching time since it is family time. J I’ll wait and put a picture up of SK Blue Moon’s progress after Monday.


Here is Emerald Mermaid’s update. I worked down the seaweed and did some more of those lovely lavender flowers and pretty green leaves. I did a bit more of her outline, but not much. I want to start filling in the body and finish off the leaves on the right before moving down her tail more. I absolutely love how she is turning out.


My Trick or Treat Fairy progress so far. I changed the ice blue in the head dress and the moon to periwinkle #4 Krenik. The moon I did the outline in the #4 periwinkle. I then blended 1 strand of the lightest color in her dress with 1 strand of a lavender blending filament to stitch the center of the moon. I think it gives the moon a shadow and glow effect. The moon’s outline is in black Krenik blending thread (2 strands) so it will glitter a bit. I used Krenik’s Misty Gold Ombre thread for the words Trick or Treat since I did not have any Garnet and I thought the shades of gold represent Autumn colors more. I also used 003 red Krenik instead of crimson, simply because I have several spools of it that came with some Christmas items a few years ago. I will have to order beads for her since I don’t have any extra beads that would fit. I’ll do as much of the stitching as I can before I have to order what is missing and see where she goes from there. She is a fast stitch. This is only five days of working on her. J

I didn’t get much stitching done this week, but with school winding down it’s been a busy week.

Happy Stitching!


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