Hello Everyone! I do apologize for my long absence. I have not stitched in ages. However, I did finish this adorable pattern by the Frosted Pumpkin company back in October. Since I showed part I of the SAL, I thought you might want to see how it turned out.

I really love it! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the fabric is 28 count Crystal Dwarf by Picture this Plus.

Happy Stitching!

Hi Everyone! I’m sorry about the long absence. I have been working 60-70 hours a week lately and have not had much stitching time. Since I finished Celtic Samhain, I have stitched one page of a Heaven and Earth Design and started two SAL’s. A Joan Elliott one, in which I only have the border done so far and a Frosted Pumpkins Halloween themed one.


I really love everything Autumn and Halloween themed, so could not resist signing up for this when I saw it.

If anyone is interested the SAL is still available here: http://thefrostedpumpkinstitchery.bigcartel.com/ from the Frosted Pumpkins website.


Here is my finished Part I. Part II does not come out until July 17th, so this will have to be put aside for a little bit. I am stitching it on 28 Crystal Dwarf Lugana from Picture this Plus fabrics and am using the recommended DMC floss and specialty flosses in the pattern. I cannot wait to see what turns up in the other parts of the SAL. There are four parts total. I’m hoping for a witch, ghost, werewolf and maybe a vampire if they can fit them in. I will have to wait patiently and see what is released on the 17th.

Happy Stitching Everyone!


Yay! I finally finished my Celtic Samhain conversion of Lavender & Lace’s Celtic Autumn. I had so much fun stitching her and choosing colors and small touches. The only part that was not any fun at all was using the black DMC Light Effects. It was a nightmare to work with. I think it had a grudge against me, lol. Anyway, I stuck with it and finished her today. In retrospect, I should have used a nice black silk there to give it a shimmer and then I wouldn’t have had to work with the metallic fraying on me. At least now I’ll never complain about my other metallic threads now. They are a breeze to use in comparison.


Here she is! Sorry about the poor lighting, but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning to take photos. After I decide on framing I’ll get a better photo.

I’m not sure which Celtic holiday I’ll do next. My husband would like me to do Yule, so that will probably be my next one. However, I think I am taking a little break before I start another lady to work on my Chatelaine Japanese Garden Mandala. J

Happy Stitching!

Hi Everyone! I’ve had quite a few people ask for my Celtic Samhain Conversion and the witch hat I designed for her. I am attaching the conversion as an Adobe pdf file since that is the only way I could get the hat chart to not lose formatting. I hope all of you enjoy stitching her as much as I am.

Diana Garland Celtic Samhain Halloween conversion

Happy Stitching,


I can’t believe my dragon has been finished for two days and I was so excited I forgot to add him to my blog. I had so much fun stitching this little guy, that I think I should always have a Spangler piece in my rotation. Here it is! Now I just need to decide how I want to frame it.


I’m still pressed for stitching time, but have managed to get a few stitches in on my Craft piece “The Bards of Bone Plain.” I hope to have an update photo next week some time. Work is keeping me pretty busy, but I figure I will settle into a routine soon.

Happy Stitching!


A Busy Time of Year

Greetings All! I’m sorry it has been a month since my last post. I’ve been super busy with training for my new position at work and have hardly had any time to myself. Things are starting to get into a routine, so I’m hoping I’ll have some more stitching time soon. I did find small moments in time to stitch on my Celtic Samhain and am super excited that the last page of my QS Literate Dragon SAL came out. I did get a start on the final page, but it is not close to finished yet.


Here is where I left off on Celtic Samhain. I added a cat to her and finished the inside line border. I chose the colors for the outside line border and started it. Once the border is stitched that is all the DMC floss and it is just the metallic braid and beads. I got my order of gold metallic in, so I can work on finishing the gold in the borders and on her dress. I might need another spool though. I thought I ordered two, but it appears I only ordered one.


My stitching goals for September are to finish page 4 on QS Literate Dragon and finish Celtic Samhain. I think I can do it!

Happy Stitching everyone!


I finished page 3 of the QS Literate Dragon for the SAL, so I will definitely be ready for page 4 when it comes out at the end of this month.


Here is my Literate Dragon so far:

I’m looking forward to finishing this one. I have a feeling it will be my first HAED finish. J I want to have it completed and framed by Christmas this year. I applied for a promotion at work and just was notified on Thursday that I got it! I want a nice shiny new finish to frame up nice and hang in my office and I think this little guy will fit the bill.


I finished my page goal on Matt Stewart’s “The Gift” and started working on the next page. I started at the top and it we have a Hobbit foot sighting.

I really love how the details are coming alive in this chart. The foot looks so real. I’m continuing on with this chart this week. I’d like to finish the half page before heading on to my second page on “The Bards of Bone Plain.”


I also made some progress since my last update on my Celtic Samhain project and hope to have another update on her within the next few weeks.

Sorry for the poor lighting in this one. There was a storm when I took it, so little natural light to work with. She will definitely be done by Halloween.


I’m looking forward to finalizing the colors I will be using on the rest of my Celtic Ladies when she is done.

Happy Stitching,


Literate Dragon page 2

Yay! I finished page 2 of the QS Literate Dragon I am doing for the 2013 HAED BB Freebie SAL. I love how he is coming out. I still haven’t named my dragon, but I am sure by the time it is finished he will have a name. I made a bit of headway into page 3, but I find stitching on the red fabric gets to my eyes after awhile, so I decided to put him away for a bit and get out something else this week.


Here he is! I wish I had his library!


I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to work on Heaven and Earth’s “The Gift” by Matt Stewart, “Trick or Treat” by Randal Spangler or “Christmas Dreams” by Dona Gelsinger this week. None of them fit into the SAL for this week on the board, so I closed my eyes and reached into my wip bag. The winner is “The Gift,” previously titled Frodo and Galadriel by Matt Stewart. I am still plugging away at the beautiful confetti filled flowers in the lower left corner of the piece. J


Here is my before picture:

The bottom row is just a few stitches high, so that is why the weird strip at the bottom. I did the first two pages of the bottom row and now I am working on the first full page above the bottom row. It is mostly flowers and foliage. It looks mostly black, but there are all sorts of dark colors in between the flowers. It is amazing how it all comes together. I’ll be happy if I finish all of the confetti in the flowers on the bottom half of the page this go around, lol. I would love a page finish, but they take a bit longer than I always think they will to fill in.


I am also planning on working a bit more this week on my Celtic Autumn (By Lavender&Lace) conversion to Celtic Samhain. I really want to get it finished and hopefully framed before October.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Hi everyone! I am so excited I finished page 1 of the Kinuko Craft The Bards of the Bone Plain chart by Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) today. I started this chart on June 29, 2013. I am stitching it on 28 count white Monaco cloth (My favorite cloth for over 1 stitching!).


I am doing it 1×1 full crosses, so it is taking a bit longer than when I tent stitch. I think I’ve found the best way to tackle the confetti in the piece for me. I printed out the pages at ½ of the page per sheet of paper. I am doing cross country with one color at a time. First I highlight the symbol I am going to do all in yellow. Then I stitch them going column by column until I get all the ones on the page I am doing for that color thread. I then go back and highlight over the yellow with pink or orange to show it has been stitched. This way as I’m going cross country I just look for the yellow squares on my chart.


Doing it that way I did miss a few random confetti stitches, but not as many as I usually do just going through without doing it one color at a time. I think even with going over the symbols more than once with highlighter that it took me less time than if I wasn’t so organized about the confetti.


Here is page 1! I’m so excited that I can already see the lady in the wall mural.


In case you’ve forgotten, here is what it will look like next century when I am done, lol!


Happy Stitching everyone!


Hi Everyone! I’ve been working a bit on my Celtic Samhain conversion. The E310 thread is driving me batty, but I am alternating stitching with it and regular floss to keep from tossing it in the bin. I love how it looks, but I’ve never had a thread fray so badly before. Thank goodness I’m doing the border, lettering and shawl in the gold metallic so I can use my other metallics. If I ever need a black metallic again I am getting something else. At least I only spent .34 cents on each skein of it since it was on clearance when I bought it, lol.


Enough complaining about frazzled threads, the end of the lady’s dress is in sight! I just have the back end and train to do and then her dress is done except for the beads and metallic threads. Then I will concentrate on the border motifs. I love how she is stitching up. I forgot to convert the hem of her dress and shoe when I did my conversion, but I think the gold colors go well with her orange skirt, so I kept the colors as charted.



Unless I get bogged down in the beading and metallic threads, I am confident I will have her completed by this fall. I am saving my pennies to be able to frame her before Samhain!

Happy Stitching!