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Hello All! Sorry for my long absence. It has been a hectic two weeks training at my new job during the day and I haven’t had as much time for cross stitch as I would like. We did have my mother-in-law’s 75th birthday party and she loved the Joan Elliott “I love you mum” little girl I stitched for her. I’ve never stitched a gift before and I am so happy she loved and appreciated it.


I did manage to stitch a bit on Autumn Fairy. Her wings are so pretty, but they are taking me forever because of the detailed counting in the wing veins. Here is where she stands at the moment.


I can’t wait to get all the light green done, so I can fill them in with the darker green. J


I also got a lot of stitching in on Opalite. I only have a couple of hundred stitches left to finish page three. I think I might move down instead of over for the next page I do so I can do some of her face.

I have a three day weekend, so I will finish this page this weekend. The holes on the top are all one color, so I can do that while watching t.v. with my husband, lol. The little bit on the bottom is skin, so that will be fun to see her face start to emerge. I then plan to work a page on either Ariadne or my QS Curl Up for the next HAED in my rotation. I think I will pull a name from a hat. J


I’m off to work, so more updates next week.

Happy Stitching everyone!


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Hi everyone! I received notification that all the paperwork went through, so I got the job. A little less stitch time, but I definitely needed the additional income. J

My husband asked me the other day to stitch a piece for his mother’s 75th birthday, and he chose one of the darling girls from the Ultimate Joan Elliott Collection Bookazine. It is in the chapter “Thank Heavens for Mums” and is the little girl holding the I love you balloon. I changed her hair to brown, since my Mother-in-law’s children all have brown hair. I was missing three colors, so I used what I had in the closest match possible for the darkest pink, the dark green and the darkest blue. Lol, apparently my thread stash is low on the dark colors in color families.


Here she is!


She took two days to stitch. I did her on 28 count Cream Linen. The 3 ring binder I placed this on showed through the fabric when I took this photo. I plan to stretch her on acid free white foam core board and frame her for my Mother-in-law’s birthday, so the background will just be the cream fabric, lol. I have to charge the camera battery and take a picture of her on a plain background for all of you.


Today I’m working a bit on Autumn Fairy’s massive wings. I hope to have her finished before the fall. If I finish her wings this weekend, I’ll take an updated picture.

Happy Stitching everyone!

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Still Keeping busy trying to keep my mind off what I will find out tomorrow about the job. I wasn’t up to working on one of my larger projects because the weekends been pretty busy with back to school shopping and other errands. I pulled out a Dimensions Daydreams kit I had been working on until I lost the directions. All I had left was a bit of stitching in the green above the bear’s head and the backstitching on the tree, so I decided to wing it from looking at the picture on the kit. I figure no one will know from looking at it that the number of stitches might be off here and there and that my backstitching is not exactly as charted, lol. I got it finished and need to wash it before I clip it together.



Sorry for the slight glare, I was using a flash since it is raining out today. I looked all over the box for the name of the kit and couldn’t find one. The box just says Dimensions Daydreams #72749. I will call it the Teddy Bear under the tree. J Once it is washed and assembled completely I will tuck it away as a potential gift. I like to have a few of those around for if I can’t think of anything for someone on my list, or if I have a “forgot to get so and so a gift” moment. J. It was a little weird using aida and only 1 strand of floss, but I like the delicate water color effect the 1 strand gives it.

Happy Stitching!

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Hi All! I’ve been nervous as can be all week since my interview on Thursday. I got called for a second interview yesterday and it went really well. I got a call this morning that all I need is a reference from the school I worked at 6 years ago (even though I sent in the required three references) and I’m hired. I called the school this morning at 7:30 and they said they would get to it as soon as possible and I’ve yet to hear whether they did it or not. Then I get voicemail when I call the school board to see if it came through on their end yet. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see if I have the job. To keep me from calling them every 5 minutes so I don’t look desperate, lol, I finished Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy from Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine (September 2008 I think).


Here is my Trick or Treat, as I call her, Fairy all blinged out! Isn’t she gorgeous! I made a few changes in the beads and Kreinik not because I didn’t like the ones called for, but because I didn’t have them and couldn’t buy them right now. I used silver high luster Kreinik for the metallic in the star/moondust and Mill hill 02010 ice beads and a generic brand pearl beads. I also used the same silver high luster metallic for the webbing as I used in the sky. I really like the night time glitter they give the picture. She is only my 5th finish for my 15, so I am pretty sure I picked projects way too big to finish in a year for my 15, lol.


Now that she is done, I have four more Miras (although two are not part of my 15), 5 Joan Elliotts, 1 Lavender&Lace, 1 Whispered by the Wind and 1 Teresa Wentzler left, lol! I am about halfway done on 2 of the Miras, 1 of the Joan Elliott’s and the Whispered by the Wind. I think I will concentrate on those four to see if I can finish them by December. J They would be Emerald Mermaid, Midsummer Night’s Fairy, Autumn Fairy and Dance of the Winter Solstice. I think I will concentrate on Joan Elliott’s Autumn Fairy next because she is closest to being finished out of the four.

Happy stitching everyone and thank you for letting me release some of my nervous tension as I wait to find out about whether I have the job or not.

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