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Yay! I finished page 2 of the QS Literate Dragon I am doing for the 2013 HAED BB Freebie SAL. I love how he is coming out. I still haven’t named my dragon, but I am sure by the time it is finished he will have a name. I made a bit of headway into page 3, but I find stitching on the red fabric gets to my eyes after awhile, so I decided to put him away for a bit and get out something else this week.


Here he is! I wish I had his library!


I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to work on Heaven and Earth’s “The Gift” by Matt Stewart, “Trick or Treat” by Randal Spangler or “Christmas Dreams” by Dona Gelsinger this week. None of them fit into the SAL for this week on the board, so I closed my eyes and reached into my wip bag. The winner is “The Gift,” previously titled Frodo and Galadriel by Matt Stewart. I am still plugging away at the beautiful confetti filled flowers in the lower left corner of the piece. J


Here is my before picture:

The bottom row is just a few stitches high, so that is why the weird strip at the bottom. I did the first two pages of the bottom row and now I am working on the first full page above the bottom row. It is mostly flowers and foliage. It looks mostly black, but there are all sorts of dark colors in between the flowers. It is amazing how it all comes together. I’ll be happy if I finish all of the confetti in the flowers on the bottom half of the page this go around, lol. I would love a page finish, but they take a bit longer than I always think they will to fill in.


I am also planning on working a bit more this week on my Celtic Autumn (By Lavender&Lace) conversion to Celtic Samhain. I really want to get it finished and hopefully framed before October.

Happy Stitching everyone!


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Hi everyone! I am so excited I finished page 1 of the Kinuko Craft The Bards of the Bone Plain chart by Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) today. I started this chart on June 29, 2013. I am stitching it on 28 count white Monaco cloth (My favorite cloth for over 1 stitching!).


I am doing it 1×1 full crosses, so it is taking a bit longer than when I tent stitch. I think I’ve found the best way to tackle the confetti in the piece for me. I printed out the pages at ½ of the page per sheet of paper. I am doing cross country with one color at a time. First I highlight the symbol I am going to do all in yellow. Then I stitch them going column by column until I get all the ones on the page I am doing for that color thread. I then go back and highlight over the yellow with pink or orange to show it has been stitched. This way as I’m going cross country I just look for the yellow squares on my chart.


Doing it that way I did miss a few random confetti stitches, but not as many as I usually do just going through without doing it one color at a time. I think even with going over the symbols more than once with highlighter that it took me less time than if I wasn’t so organized about the confetti.


Here is page 1! I’m so excited that I can already see the lady in the wall mural.


In case you’ve forgotten, here is what it will look like next century when I am done, lol!


Happy Stitching everyone!


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