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Ugh, I’ve already broken my no new starts pack with myself. I got sucked into a Mirabilia Rose of Sharon SAL. Lol, I have to admit there was very little persuasion needed as I saw everyone’s beautiful conversions on this stunning design. I’m making very few changes to her because it is the yellow and blue dress of this design that had me fall in love with her. I’m keeping the dress the same. I will be changing her from a blonde to a brunette, or maybe a red head. I’ll decide when I get to her hair. I changed the pink roses to lavender and purple because my favorite rose is the Angel Face rose and I wanted the roses to remind me of them. I think they have the most delightful scent of any flower. I started in the middle, so I don’t have any skin yet on the lady. I’m doing her on 28 count New Khaki Lugana because it is closest to the suggested fabric that I had in my stash. I love the delicate shading on her dress. Out of all my threads I am missing the 3051 and 3052 greens for the roses, so I’ll have to add those later. The dress looks a little funny without her back and shoulder, but you get the idea.


Everyone here has colds right now, so I haven’t done any stitching all weekend. I just feel blah. I’ll be putting this one away for awhile and am not sure which one will be up next.

Happy Stitching everyone!



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Hi everyone! I can’t believe it is March already. I got page 2 of the HAED BB SAL in the other day. I discovered I’d accidentally used 816 instead of 918 (I must have looked at the skein upside down when I grabbed it. I had to frog all the 816 on page one and replace it. It looks much better with the brown instead of the red, lol. I’m really surprised I didn’t notice my mistake sooner. To reward myself for finishing the frogging, even though I am not done with the confetti on page 1, I started page 2! I could not resist counting over to the Starry Night painting in the background. It is my favorite of Van Gogh’s paintings. I love how it came out. I want to do the picture frame, but have told myself I can’t until page 1 is confetti free and done. Lol.


Here is my Literate Dragon.


I’m a little confetti’d out at the moment, so I think I might put him away for a bit and work on one of my other stitches. I think I’ll have to pick a number from my list with a random number generator to decide since I’m not sure which one I want to work on the rest of the week. Happy Stitching everyone!

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