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Good morning everyone! Sorry I have been so quite the past few days. After finding my lost pattern for Midsummer Night’s Fairy, I wanted to get some stitching in on her. It took me awhile to organize where I was on the pattern and make sure I had all my threads, so I only got two days in on her this week. Here she is right now- part of a tree branch and some more dress! I’m debating skipping the wings right now and continuing with the dress downwards to avoid the Kreinik as long as possible, lol. I don’t have trouble stitching with it, but have a heck of a time threading it on to my needle. I love the sparklies it gives though, so will always be a fan of designs that use it or similar thread.



As a belated Valentine’s Day gift my husband got me all of the floss I need to finish Joan Elliott’s Winter Fairy and her Water Goddess, both of which are in my 15 for the year. I only need to save up for the Kreinik and beads in them now. He also got me some inexpensive fabric to play around with fabric dye. My first attempt had some hits and some misses. I did a nice mottled purple and blue with some white show through that is large enough to do both Mirabilia’s Maidens of the Seasons I & II together on. Here is a mock up of how they will look on the fabric.


I won’t be able to start it for awhile due to everything else I have going on, but it is nice to know I have the fabric for it when I am ready.


Some of my colors did not come out like I had hoped. I was trying for a soft light green and blue marbled fabric and my dyes where too dark. I ended up with deep forest green and dark blue instead, lol. I will probably have to buy fabric for Stargazer to get what I want because I think it is too dark for her. I do think maybe Shakespeare’s Fairies might be good on the deep forest green and blue one, or perhaps a mermaid if her tail colors won’t get lost in the color. The small lighter green and blue would have been a good color, but the fabric scrap I used is too short for Stargazer; however, it is big enough for Deepest Love or maybe Joan Elliott’s Crescent Moon Dragon. I’ll have to see how the colors look against it. The yellow is perfect for Joan Elliott’s Hocus Pocus out of her Bewitching Cross Stitch book, so I am pleased with that one.


The purple and blue mottled is maybe good for Mirabilia’s Fairy Moon or her Cinderella. I haven’t decided what would look good on it yet. J

Excuse the masking tape on a few of the pieces. That will be coming off, but the edges were fraying as I washed and rinsed the fabrics and the tape let me wring them out without worrying the whole time about the fraying edges. All in all I had fun with the fabric dye. I am still looking for the perfect color for Stargazer, but I’ve got some good ideas of what I did wrong and how to do it better next time. No more dye today though, I’m out of white fabric, lol! Also, I really want to stitch today and I can’t stitch when using the dye because it would be horrible to accidentally get dye on one of my wips!

Off to stitch on Midsummer Night’s Fairy now! Have a wonderful stitch day!


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Today has been a good stitching day for me. I finished the scarf on Touching the Autumn Sky, so I do not have to keep feeling guilty about stitching the blues in the skirt. However, I will be putting her down until the end of the month to work on another wip.



My working copy of my Midsummer Night’s Fairy mysteriously turned up today. I’ve been looking for it for months. I think my youngest daughter had it stashed somewhere and decided I could have it back, lol.

This was initially one of my 15 for the challenge, but was replaced with a small Joan Elliott design when I couldn’t find it. I want to stitch on Middy (Midsummer Night’s Fairy) a bit this week, since I just got her back, so to speak. Here is where she stands now.

She is on 28 count Periwinkle Puff evenweave by Blended Needle. I hope to get more of her dress done and maybe some of the branch she is sitting on before heading back to TTaS. I did some of the beads and Kreinik already, so may continue to as I go, or I may leave the rest of it for after the regular stitching is done.


Happy Stitching everyone!

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I’ve been busy stitching away on Touching the Autumn Sky to see how my blue conversion is coming along. So far I love the colors together. Some are blues and some are turquoise and teal, so I am calling it a blue conversion, but that may change to a “teal” conversion once it is finished. I think it will depend on how the colors look once they are all in place.


I am still filling in gaps in the apron, but did get some of the white in to see how the colors go together. I got a little of her hair done. I was going to work the hair and face first, but got impatient to try out my blues. Then I just went with them. Today I did a few strands of blue and then some colors in the hair, blue and then some yellows in the scarf. I figure moving around a bit I’ll see the whole picture emerge and know if I need to frog any of my colors.


Here she is so far!


Happy Stitching!

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The weather was hot, humid and rainy today so instead of venturing out, I stayed in after work and stitched some. I was able to get the cape/jacket done on Touching the Autumn Sky except for the backstitching. I plan to do most of the backstitching and beading last. I then started on her scarf. I hope to finish her scarf this weekend and get a start on her face and hair. She is a bit odd without a head right now, lol! I really love how the shading came out in the creases of her coat. I figure I will work my way up and do the face, hair, leaf and ribbons and then down to the apron, skirt and then shoes. I love the colors in this and it is such an easy stitch so far. The only problem I have come across is just not losing count when my daughters want to talk about her as I stitch, lol. They can’t wait for her to be done.

Happy Stitching!

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The weather has been a bit blah lately, so I got out my wip of Randall Spangler’s QS Curl Up with a Good Book from the 2011 HAED Bulletin Board SAL. The colors in this are so bright and colorful that it really helped the gray sky become more cheery. After all, who can resist the cuteness of these adorable dragons. I haven’t stitched on it since December 2011, so I felt a bit guilty seeing how little I have left to go and spent a nice few solid hours stitching on him. I worked on his pillow, his chin (jaw?) and his tummy.

Here it is before. I am stitching this on 28 count Pewter Jubilee. I absolutely love working on Jubilee. It is soft, but firm enough to stitch over one on without floss slipping under the threads.



And here he is after:


I will probably alternate between this one, SK Blue Moon and Opalite this month for my HAED stitching. I’m also dying to get back to Autumn Fairy and Touching the Autumn Sky, but will not have time to stitch tonight. At least I can ponder over which one to work on next overnight, lol. My oldest turns 7 tomorrow, so I’ll be making cupcakes tonight for her classmates. Happy Stitching!

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SK Blue Moon progress

I mixed things up today by stitching on my SK SAL Blue Moon. I’m starting to see the outline of her hair piece, arms and back. I love all the brilliant blues and purples in this one, but after working over two it took me awhile to get use to doing the over 1 again on 28 count.


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