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I’ve been plugging away at my Mirabilia’s The Kiss UFO this week. I finished all of the normal stitching on her right side and started on the middle and her left side. I am a bit daunted by how many holes are left in the floss to fill in mostly with beads. A few might be Kreinik, but I the majority will be filled with sparkly beads. I am doing it on 16 count Aida, so the beads may be a bit tight in places. I’ve done some of the beading because I just could not wait and it will be a bit full down the center of her dress. I might have to get creative on some of the more bead heavy parts of the design. I also finished the backstitching on their faces and hands. I’m trying to backstitch as I go if the surrounding area is all stitched. Here is where I am on The Kiss as of today:


On a totally different note—the rest of my floss and beads came today for Emerald Mermaid. I know she isn’t one of my 15, but she is really fun to stitch. She now has two arms! This is an important trait for mermaids so they can frolic underwater without getting caught on a fisherman’s hook. I really like how her hair came out and can’t wait to see how the garland in her hair looks once beaded. I also got the Emerald 009 #4 Kreinik in for her. I had #8 and I had blending filament in 009, but did not have any #4. I thought I had some in another project, but I couldn’t find it. If it does turn up, I’ll just throw it in with the other spools. When doing Mirabilia designs having extra Kreinik on hand can be a life saver. J


I’ll probably stick with working on The Kiss for the rest of this week before switching over to another project. I’d like to finish all the floss parts soon, so I only have to worry about the beading and Kreinik. Next week I want to devote my stitching time to my HAEDs, so I can get more done on Ariadne and SK Blue Moon. I believe page 2 for the SK Blue Moon SAL comes out next month and I don’t want to be too far behind since page 1 is taking me forever.

Happy Stitching my friends!


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Feeling a bit under the weather this week and with one very sick 7 year old to take care of, I just could not concentrate on any of my remaining wips for the Cross Stitch Crazy challenge. I treated myself to a new start to lift my spirits. I chose Mirabilia’s Emerald Mermaid even though it wasn’t kitted up. I am missing a couple of colors and most of the beads, but still found it fun to start and it did help me to feel better.


I have always loved mermaids, but have never stitched any. I have 8 of the Mirabilia mermaid patterns so it was hard to narrow my choice down. It came to either Emerald Mermaid, Deepest Love or Mermaid of the Pearls. After seeing a finished Mermaid of the Pearls and all those pearls, I decided that Emerald was a better choice for right now, lol. Here she is with one arm!

and here is what she will look like when finished (picture from the front of the chart packaging by Mirabilia)


I didn’t have the recommended fabric, so I chose this one I had in my stash from years ago. I lost the bag it came in, so cannot remember the brand of the fabric. It is 32 count evenweave. The color name is Deep Sea and I think it is from Crossed Wing fabrics. I look forward to stitching on her some more while I save up some money for her beads and the 009 #4 Kreinik. I have the blending filament and #8 in this color, but no #4, isn’t that always the way when you need a type of thread or color.

Happy Stitching everyone!

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I haven’t been feeling well this week, so I’ve found it difficult to focus on just one project. I picked up my HAED SAL SK Blue Moon and finished her face and started on the Moon. It is pretty confetti heavy, so I find I can only work on it for an hour or so before I need to put it down and concentrate on something else. Her face came out pretty and I like the glow that is started in the soft tones in the moon. It is a little hard to see the stitching on the moon at the moment because the floss is pretty close to the color of my fabric and I was using my not so good camera.


I switched to Joan Elliott’s Fairy and Dragon to get a bit of a break from the confetti stitching and started filling in the colors on the dragon’s wing. J I also worked a bit on both Ariadne and Opalite, but haven’t taken any photos of my progress yet. I had a fever for most of today and just didn’t want to get the camera out. I hope to get some photos later this week when I am feeling better.

I find the gold next to the soft greens in the wing interesting. I can’t wait to see how the dragon takes shape as I fill in the other colors.

Happy Stitching!

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Ariadne Start

I was able to start Ariadne by Heaven and Earth Designs based on the artwork by Rachel Anderson during the HAED BB new start SAL at the end of March. I didn’t have all the colors, so I got the rest of the colors I needed yesterday. I filled in the gaps I had so far and am pleased with how the colors are coming together. I started in the upper left hand corner of the chart, so right now it is just curtains. Here is my day 3 progress on her. I will be putting her up until the Facebook Ariadne SAL scheduled for the week of second week of May, so I can work on my HAED Blue Moon SK. The confetti was driving me nuts on the sk, but since Ariadne and Opalite have very little confetti, I plan to alternate between these three HAED designs when I am not working on my 15 for the challenge.


Here are the curtains so far…


From my choice of charts, you can definitely see I love blue and purple. J

Happy Stitching everyone!

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Woohoo! I put the last beads in on Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy today. Here she is in all her glory!



I love the butterfly wings, the leaves on the ground, simply all the details that make her so delicate and lovely. I’m thinking maybe an antique silver frame for her, but haven’t quite decided yet. I have a nice frame if it will fit the glass, mat and mount board in it. If not I’ll have to go shopping for one. On the 32 count fabric she fits fabulously in an 8×10 opening, so it should not be hard to find the perfect frame.

I plan to work on a new start HAED for the rest of this week for the new start SAL on the HAED board. I’ve decided to start Ariadne by Rachel Anderson.

copyright HAED and Rachel Anderson


Then I will alternate back to another one of my 15. I will need to go through them and see which one calls to me the most to be my next focus piece.

Happy Stitching!

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