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Hi everyone! I had a job interview on Thursday. I think it went really well. They were closed yesterday and this weekend, so I am hoping to hear something on Monday. Just in case someone with more experience applies I haven’t stopped filling out more applications, so I won’t let it get me down if this job doesn’t happen. It would be ideal though. It is within walking distance and the hours would be during school, so I wouldn’t have to worry about daycare.


I got out one of my favorite WIPs to work on this weekend to help keep my mind off hearing from them on Monday. I’m trying not to be nervous, but I am. Luckily, Mirabilia’s Halloween Trick or Treat Fairy has been taking my mind off my worries. I’ve started working on the pumpkins by her feet. I did the outline on her dress, so I just have to fill in the trim with 3371. After the pumpkins I’ll finish the vines and then add the webbing. I haven’t decided on a color for the webbing yet. I don’t have the required colors, so I’m making up my bead and metallic colors as I go along. I’m thinking silver or opalescent white for the webbing. I plan to use pearl and ice crystal beads in the sky with probably silver metallic instead of blue.


Here is how she is looking so far.


Happy Stitching!


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Hi friends! I’m sorry I haven’t posted since the second. Things were a bit of a mess around here for the past week. All four of us came down with the flu. We are all fine now, but it really took my energy and stitching mojo away.

My hours have steadily been cut back at work to the point where I need to find a second or other job to take care of my family. I will be taking a break from stitching and posting for awhile to concentrate all my efforts on my job hunt.

Fred Winkler charts were retired last month on the HAED site and I was totally surprised with 2 RAK’s by one of my stitchy friends, Radidragon. She knew I was sad I couldn’t afford to get them before they were retired and totally made my week.

Thank you Liz for the brilliant Xihou.

The gorgeous colors of sunrise/sunset in the background and the little dragon around her neck are brilliant! I just love the details in this one and am looking forward to starting it in the future.

Liz also gifted me with Winkler’s lovely Mrs.Claus.

This just screams elegance to me. I love the decorations, cozy fire and her gorgeous gown. The picture here is a mock up of how it will look stitched. I just love Heaven and Earth’s designs.

I was also surprised this week when another stitcher Simone sent me a wonderful RAK. She gifted me with this gorgeous chart by Maxine Gadd called Autumn Harmony.

I just love Maxine Gadd’s attention to detail and whimsical style. The reds and golds in this one are amazing.

(If you love her as much as me you can find Autumn Harmony here)

I hope to have time to stitch a bit here and there while looking for work, but may not be able to post updates for awhile.

Bright Blessings and Happy Stitching!

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I started filling in Middy’s dress today. I like the soft blending of the colors, but I am finding it a bit uninteresting to stitch because the colors are so close together. I think I will have to do a bit of the dress, then sash, then wings, then tree branch instead of just doing the dress. I love the colors, but need a bit of variety to keep me going. I’ve been a bit stressed lately due to looking for a second job to help pay the bills. It is crazy how hard it is to even get an interview. I have a Master’s degree and have not even heard back from the local minimum wage jobs near me. Stitching helps ease my anxiety a bit, so I am thankful I have enough stash to keep me going pretty much through the holidays without having to buy anything except a random thread or bead color here and there.


Here she is! I filled in her knee and started filling in the random colors between her knee and the part of the purple stash I have done already.


I think I will use the randomizer to decide what to work on tomorrow. I really am starting to see progress on many of my 2012 challenge pieces, but there are a few I haven’t touched since January. Maybe one of them will pop up during this week. J

Happy Stitching!

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