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I’m really enjoying stitching on Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy from her holiday fairy collection kits. I almost finished her this week during the HAEDLess SAL. Her wings are deceptively large for such a little fairy, lol. I have one wing left with back stitching, her magic wand and the beading left to do and then she will be finished. I will have to give some thought to how I want to frame her because I definitely want this one up on my wall in time for October. I know it is months away, but I can be really indecisive on what color and style of frame I want. I’m thinking of doing a square mat instead of an oval like on the kit cover because oval mats always look a bit off to me. Maybe a domed mat might look good with her. Here is where she stands now!


I love how the colors all came together. It was my first time using over-dyed floss and I didn’t know at first to do it one stitch at a time instead of in rows, so a few areas have some odd variegated looks to them. I think I would like to stitch with over-dyed floss again. I like the randomness of the colors with the subtle shift in tones. I hope to have her finished over the weekend, so I can count her as a March finish, but it depends on how long I can stitch with green at one sitting, lol.


Happy Stitching!


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My first grader is out of school this week for Spring Break, so she has been keeping her younger sister amused during the day. I’ve taken the opportunity to get a little more work done on Autumn Fairy. The ribbons seem to go on forever. I did a little of the pink and a little of the purple and then started some on the bottom of her dress. She is slowly coming together. I love the colors, but am having trouble with the colored chart. I can’t wait until the new glasses with my updated prescription get here. I am putting her away until they do to give my eyes a rest and picking one of my wip pieces that has a black and white chart, lol.


It still bothers me about the difference in the dye lots (that DMC swears they don’t have!) in her skirt. I may frog the top of the skirt and redo it, but I’m waiting to see if once the ribbons are in place if it is as noticeable. It shows up more in pictures than it does in real life. When I just hold it against the wall I cannot see the difference in color, but whenever I take an update picture I can see it. I’m just terrified I’ll tear the jobelan if I frog it. This material is thinner than some linens I’ve seen. I guess I will come to that decision at a later date.


While going through my starts I separated them by those with colored charts and those with black and white charts and from the black and white charts picked Halloween Fairy by Nora Corbett. I am stitching her on 32 count sugared snickerdoodles by SMF. She is my first start on an opalescent and I was finding it hard to do over 2 on because of the glitter; however, now that I found a local place that sells bulbs for my Ott lamp I am able to make progress on her. Good lighting makes a world of difference in my stitching speed. I am finding it much easier to see the holes through the glitter and she is fun to stitch!

I only had her head, shoulders and outline of the right wing (her left) done when I started and now I’ve gotten to the pumpkin bag and skirt. Those wings seem to go on forever, so I am alternating working on the dress with filling in the green wing.

She is really a blast to stitch and I think I can have her done soon if I don’t get distracted by my other works in progress calling my name. The picture doesn’t show off her pretty colors very well. I can’t wait to use my husband’s new camera to take photos of my work for you. He just got a Canon Rebel T2i (I think that is what it is called). I got it for him as an early wedding anniversary. As soon as I figure out the instructions, I am borrowing the camera to take better photos. From what I’ve seen so far it is an amazing camera! I’m off to get more stitching in on Halloween Fairy while I wait for the pizza dough to rise.

Happy Stitching!

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I enjoyed working on something different this week now that TTaS is finished. I pulled out Autumn Fairy as I said I was going to and couldn’t decide which part to work on. I decided to give her a face and do her arms. I am pleases with how her face came out and will wait and start the headpiece on her after I finish the ribbons coming off her arm. The hands were a bit of a nightmare, so many fractional stitches. I know it is both of her hands holding the apple, but the six fingers still seem a bit alien to me. They look much better with the backstitching, so I found myself filling in some of the backstitching in the area just to make them look more like fingers, lol. There is also a ton of backstitching on this piece, so I decided to do a little every now and again between strands of other colors so it is not all left until the end.



I think I will continue working on her a bit more this week to get more of the pink ribbon and purple ribbon finished. I am tempted to do more of her wings now that her hair is in place. Maybe I’ll swap the parts I am working on as I decide a color change is in order depending if I want to work with Spring Greens, rich purples or the pink rose tones.

Happy Stitching everyone!

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I know I just posted a picture of the finished stitching, but I completed all of the backstitching and beading this morning and wanted to post a picture of the completed project. Here she is Mirabilia’s Touching the Autumn Sky converted to blues by me. I started her on January 1, 2012 and after my 15th starts on January 16th she became my main focus piece for my 2012 challenge and was finished on 3/12/2012.



The next focus piece I will work on for the challenge is Joan Elliott’s Autumn Fairy. I hope to have a nice update on her in a few days.


Off topic from the challenge, I am stocked up on 28 count evenweave, so I am ready for any new starts that come along, lol.

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I am so thrilled I finished all of the stitched area and back stitching on Mirabilia’s Touching the Autumn Sky. I love how the blue conversion came out. I just need to wash her and iron her and then it is on to attaching the beads.


Here is my blue conversion for anyone who wants to stitch this with the same colors. I had fun choosing colors and suggest that anyone converting this have fun with their color choices. If you don’t like one of the colors I used, feel free to swap it with something else. I think the fun in converting colors is picking what looks best for you!


Diana’s Touching the Autumn Sky Blue conversion

Dress & Shoes and ribbons:

(original color) converted color

Filled circle- (902) 3808

Filled heart- (321) 3810

Open Heart- (956) 597

Circle with dot in center- (3708) 3811

N- (209) 747

Filled P- (208) 519

Filled Square- (938) 3750 *

  • (Minus sign) (211) 162


Backstitch curls on the jacket in (550) 825



/ (forward slash) (B5200-3747) B5200/3841

C (341) 3761

= (equal sign) (340) 518

Filled star (552-3747) 3760/3841

Filled triangle (550) 825


Backstitch swirls on apron in (902) 3808



*I did not use a converted color for the filled square in her hair. I kept that brown and only used the 3750 in the ribbons in her hair.



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Sorry it has been so long since my last update. My seven year old came down sick this past weekend and has been out of school all week with an upper respiratory infection. As soon as her eye clears up she can go back to school and then we have a follow up with the doctor next Friday to check her ears again. Poor thing, the infection started in her eye and then ended up giving her a sore throat and ear infection. She is only two days in on the antibiotic and acting about 90% better already. Her eye is clearing up and she doesn’t have a fever anymore.

I know this post is on one of my Cross Stitch Crazy 2012 pieces, but I just have to say I had some fun during the HAED Leap Day 50% off sale. I know I told myself I wasn’t going to get another chart until Rachel Anderson’s Ariadne was released, but I could not resist getting Spangler’s So Many Books, So Little Time, Selina Fenech’s Jinxed, Maxine Gadd’s Snow and a JBG chart, Amara and the Book. I just could not resist those prices! The Spangler piece is huge, but so me with the books, dragons and watch.

I have been busy stitching away on Touching the Autumn Sky. She is a really fun stitch, but her dress seems huge for such a tiny girl. Lol.

I was finally able to stitch her head this week and she looks much better with a face than as the headless child on a swing. I really like how the blues I picked turned out in the apron and the ribbon in her hair. I can’t wait to see how the stripes come together and go with the golds in the bottom of her dress. I am not changing those, so I hope they look well together or there is much frogging in my future. Here she is!

I left her in the Q-Snap because I am hoping to have time to fill in some more of her skirt tonight before bed. I’ll take her off the Q-Snap my next update, so you can see the whole picture with the leaves. I haven’t put the beads on yet in the stitched areas or finished all the backstitching. I like to leave the beads until last so they don’t get smooshed as I am working.

Until my next update, happy stitching everyone!

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